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Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Husband .... Or Question Him !!

Well to put it in a nice way I've really gone a little bit crazy over the past couple of weeks adding milk glass pieces to my growing collection. And most of the time my better half aka husband has been with me. But there were a few times when he was not! And I suppose in some odd way I just didn't want to shock him as to how much milk glass was entering the house! So I've been hiding it here and there bring pieces out casually. Well tonight he did some vacuuming and he came across some of it. Well he didn't flip out as I thought he would. He just asked "where are you going to put all this stuff?" to which I replied that I will find homes for it all. He didn't come across all of my hiding spots yet!! Tomorrow is another day to hit the thrift shops once again to see if any new pieces hit the shelves over the weekend! And I truly thank my better half for his patients and understanding when it comes to this latest hobby in my life!
***photo courtesy of google images***

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  1. I'm impressed, your husband did the vacuuming! Seriously, tho, it's nice to have a husband who puts up with our collecting.