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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did The Milk Glass Obsession Come To A Quick Halt???

Well I haven't really written anything in the past day or so for a few reasons. First off I haven't taken any photographs of the newer pieces to my collection. And for some reason I'm not ready to take photographs until I can wash them, fondle them for a bit and appreciate the beauty they bring. Each piece of glass that enters my home gets a proper warm water, Ivory soap bubbly hand wash and tea towel drying. I've also been busy going back to the thrift stores to see what new pieces came in since I was last in. Originally I thought naaaaa I wouldn't have to go back. It's only been a week. There isn't that much there since I last cleaned the shelves. WRONG!! There was lots. Yesterday I picked up some chili bowls and a couple more dishes that will look great on my table at the next family meal. And finally my last excuse I have to give is work. I've started my stretch of shifts again and unable to devote time to my camera. It does not mean however that I am totally slacking off. It gives me the change to once again peruse EBAY and see what's out there and how much it costs and how much I paid either under or above EBay value. I also started to peek at Craig's List to see what's on there and there's no shortage! So to my readers please bear with me; I will add more photographs and stories soon.


  1. Oh, now I need to dig out my milkglass!!

    m ^..^

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  3. Thank for the comments. It' fun to find someone who understand this kind of passion!
    Can't wait to see more of your pieces.
    Have a good week.