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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did The Milk Glass Obsession Come To A Quick Halt???

Well I haven't really written anything in the past day or so for a few reasons. First off I haven't taken any photographs of the newer pieces to my collection. And for some reason I'm not ready to take photographs until I can wash them, fondle them for a bit and appreciate the beauty they bring. Each piece of glass that enters my home gets a proper warm water, Ivory soap bubbly hand wash and tea towel drying. I've also been busy going back to the thrift stores to see what new pieces came in since I was last in. Originally I thought naaaaa I wouldn't have to go back. It's only been a week. There isn't that much there since I last cleaned the shelves. WRONG!! There was lots. Yesterday I picked up some chili bowls and a couple more dishes that will look great on my table at the next family meal. And finally my last excuse I have to give is work. I've started my stretch of shifts again and unable to devote time to my camera. It does not mean however that I am totally slacking off. It gives me the change to once again peruse EBAY and see what's out there and how much it costs and how much I paid either under or above EBay value. I also started to peek at Craig's List to see what's on there and there's no shortage! So to my readers please bear with me; I will add more photographs and stories soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Husband .... Or Question Him !!

Well to put it in a nice way I've really gone a little bit crazy over the past couple of weeks adding milk glass pieces to my growing collection. And most of the time my better half aka husband has been with me. But there were a few times when he was not! And I suppose in some odd way I just didn't want to shock him as to how much milk glass was entering the house! So I've been hiding it here and there bring pieces out casually. Well tonight he did some vacuuming and he came across some of it. Well he didn't flip out as I thought he would. He just asked "where are you going to put all this stuff?" to which I replied that I will find homes for it all. He didn't come across all of my hiding spots yet!! Tomorrow is another day to hit the thrift shops once again to see if any new pieces hit the shelves over the weekend! And I truly thank my better half for his patients and understanding when it comes to this latest hobby in my life!
***photo courtesy of google images***

The Nesting Chicken

Well considering that I am also a collector of chickens it was a no brainer to include this piece as part of the collection. But because of it's colouring...it being more white in appearance than my first pieces there was a bit of doubt as to was this piece for sure milk glass or not. Having researched the nesting hen a bit on EBAY I've notice that there are quite a few available and at a fairly cheap price. It currently sits on my kitchen table. Even though it is suppose to hold candies it is kindly holding my packets of sugar substitute. Perhaps an unconscious reminder of what the healthier choice should be instead of candy. If you're wondering why i collect chickens...well it is a term of endearment for my children as I often refer to them as my little chickens. They're still at the stage of their lives that when we go out somewhere they still tend to follow and cling to their mother. I know in a blink of an eye that sentiment will disappear; so no complaining here. Just enjoying the moments for as long as they are meant to be.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well I'm Back But The Weekend Is Not Quite Over Yet

Well I made it back from a rural town in the mountains. A great hotel room, great food, great company and a few good milk glass finds. Did some bartering and got a couple of good deals. Other pieces purchased to bulk up the collection a little bit more. My hubby is questioning the obsession I currently have but thank goodness he understands and was willing to drive me around looking at the various thrift stores, antique stores, and yard sales that came across our paths. I will share my stories and finds in future posts however it is time to appreciate my bed and my warm blankies and catch up on some sleep. Hoping you all had a great weekend and look forward to catching up soon.

*** photo courtesy of Google Images***

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yay The Weekend Is Here and It's A Long One Too!!!

Yay the weekend is here again. It's the May long weekend which means an extra day to hit all those garage sales and thrift shops trying to find more pieces of milk glass to add to my hoard. There usually is a piece here or there wanting a new home. Luckily I'm around to provide one!!

The Bubble Glass Bowl

I refer to this peace as one of my darling pieces of my collection so far. It can be found on EBAY at the moment and is referred to as "Grandma's Bubble Glass Bowl". It is actually hobnail. To me it is one that is the perfect size to fit on the table at a family meal and I can already imagine the wonderful food concoctions it'll hold during special occasions. If you go to EBay you can find it for $0.99 and I paid a wee bit more than that. But I'm glad I have it and it's part of my growing collection. I look forward to using it soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it Milk Glass or is it not????


Well when you ask what the heck Milk Glass is there can actually be quite a few answers. There are "traditionalist" collectors out there who say it's opaque glass. But as I start to build my collection milk glass can come in various shades of white not just the skim milk colour it can be. Some people in the shops will label their pieces as being milk glass. Some women behind the counter are quick to assure me that it is and since I'm sooo enthusiastic about this hobby I hope they're not using my vulnerability to just make a quick sale. Since I have started picking up my pieces I have practically been glued to both the National Milk Glass Collectors Society (see link above) and of course to the EBay sites to see what is out there and what it costs. Did I pay too much? Did I pay too little?? Will it be worth more in a couple of years? Obviously when you're first starting something a great deal of study is involved. Milk glass is no exception to that rule.
**photo courtesy of Google Images**

My First Milk Glass Collection Addition

Standing Up View
Laying down view - better view of detail

This is the very first piece I picked up at a local garage sale which coincidentally was right next door to a shop that contains many many milk glass pieces. Some call it a goblet. Some call it a vase. I just call it lucky number one. When I asked the lady behind the table if it was indeed milk glass she ecstatically told me that it was indeed so. Remember I'm just a beginner collector getting involved with this hobby and I'll explain more in a future post or two. I think the pattern on the cup part of the vase is a scallop and if I'm not correct I hope that someone will indeed send me a note reminding me what it really is. I have carefully washed it as I do to all my pieces that I bring home. I suppose it's all a part of getting to know it a wee bit better! So far it's sitting on my kitchen table. I will indeed find a "home" for it soon. Might be on a coffee table. Might be in my dining room cabinet (all of a sudden I feel a need to re arrange some dishes in there!) but it will definitely find its place.

It's All Martha's Fault!!!

Some time ago I came across an amazing photograph and I believe it was in Martha Stewart's Living magazine. It was shelves with this amazing white glass pieces on it and it was done in such a perfect way that my eyes were literally glued to it allowing it to mesmerize me. I probably seen milk glass pieces several times but never ever labeled it before. Now I know what it is and it now has become my latest interest (or obsession??)
So here I go. My journey into this world begins. It has given me a new energy in my life and I'm enjoying every moment.
Ok so perhaps blaming Martha is not appropriate but perhaps a thank you is.
***photo courtesy of Google Images***