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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Nesting Chicken

Well considering that I am also a collector of chickens it was a no brainer to include this piece as part of the collection. But because of it's colouring...it being more white in appearance than my first pieces there was a bit of doubt as to was this piece for sure milk glass or not. Having researched the nesting hen a bit on EBAY I've notice that there are quite a few available and at a fairly cheap price. It currently sits on my kitchen table. Even though it is suppose to hold candies it is kindly holding my packets of sugar substitute. Perhaps an unconscious reminder of what the healthier choice should be instead of candy. If you're wondering why i collect chickens...well it is a term of endearment for my children as I often refer to them as my little chickens. They're still at the stage of their lives that when we go out somewhere they still tend to follow and cling to their mother. I know in a blink of an eye that sentiment will disappear; so no complaining here. Just enjoying the moments for as long as they are meant to be.

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  1. It looks like you've been bit by the collecting bug. I like chickens, too, but I don't have one of these yet.I've seen them, but just haven't bought one. I have to watch myself or I could become over run with milk glass.