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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Decision Has Been Made

For months, ok more like probably years my husband to put it kindly has been nagging me to pick a decorating theme. I'm not a professional decorator of any kind. I never really gave it much thought. My kids were babies and I didn't want to set things up just to have them accidentally torn down. And let's face it; there are just soo many styles to pick from. Modern/antique/classic/smooth/Oriental/French all that can make a mind swoon with possibilities. And according to my dear sweet hubby it's not a good thing at all to mix a little bit of this or that. It's kind of hard for him to do renovations and get it all to combine or even somewhat match.

I grew up on a farm. Had animals around me all the time. I'm a lover of mountains and nature. My ideal method of wasting time is sitting at one of my favourite rocky retreats and listen to the river trickle by and listen to the branches breaking off in the bush and trying to guess which animal is near by.

So the theme I have picked is rustic. I really do love the Americana rustic. The flag pillows. The old pictures on the walls. The wrought iron pieces. The home made quilted blankets and pillows. I love it all. This is the theme I have chosen. A more natural warm cozy type of feel. I love a room full of things to look at, touch and feel. I love a home that smells good like cinnamon and nutmeg that when you walk in the front door you can take a big whiff in and know you're going to stay for a long time and enjoy the visit.

So I have started my Christmas decorating with this theme in mind. It's not a fast process but hopefully it'll turn out well in the end. This photo is not of my family room in particular but hopefully one day in the future it won't look too different.

So as we approach the holiday season I wish all my readers joy as they set up their lovely inviting homes for this joyous occasion.

PS: Thank goodness milk glass can blend in with this theme quite well!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Compote or Not to Compote....that is the Question

I was at the local thrift store today picking up what else...more milk glass (lol). To the lady behind the counter I stated that I would be willing to take the 2 compote dishes that were safely protected within a glass display case. She said the what?? The compote dishes to which I verbally guided her towards my choice. Then she asked me what is a compote?

According to dictionary.com the definition of a compote is this:

1.fruit stewed or cooked in a syrup, usually served as a dessert.
2.Also, compotier. a dish, usually of glass, china, or silver, having a base, stem, and often a lid, and used for serving fruit, nuts, candy, etc.

even though I have seen many other uses for this very quaint lovely dish. My mind was swelling with all the decorating possibilities these dishes will have come holiday season!

Therefore in the spirit of a compote and to assist all those who truly do not understand what a compote is; here is a recipe. I hope it helps!


1 3/4 c. milk
3 oz. pkg. vanilla instant pudding mix
1 1/2 c. fresh blueberries
1 1/2 c. sliced bananas
1 tbsp. orange juice
1 c. whipped topping
1 1/2 c. sliced fresh strawberries
1 1/2 c. sliced peaches
Combine milk, orange juice, and instant pudding mix in bowl; beat at low speed of an electric mixer 1 minute. Add 1 cup whipped topping and beat an additional minute. Combine fruit; arrange half of fruit mixture in individual serving compotes; top with pudding mixture. Top with remaining fruit. Garnish with additional whipped topping, if desired.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


No doubt there are no shortage of websites out there with people selling their lives and their life's possessions.  And when it comes to collecting a lot of people use this as a gauge as to how much things perhaps should cost or what they can sell their item for.  A couple of weeks ago while I was on vacation I came across a lovely antique store.  God Bless the owners of this shop as there was a terrible storm the night before and their store as a result was flooded and one big mess.  These kind people did let me in to have a peek and allow me to drool over their HUGE selection of milk glass.  One of the items on the shelf was a milk glass oil lamp.  When I asked how much the lamp was she replied $50.oo.  Of course my mouth fell to the floor literally and suggested "Do you know how much you can get for it on EBay??"  To which she replied the prices on EBay was sooo overblown that it was utterly ridiculous.  So how much is your item truly worth??  Does it depend on who's in front of you at the time asking for it?  Are you getting any reassurance that your piece of the collection is going to be going to a home where it will be treasured as much if not more than what you had given it?  So what price is the true price?  What do you use for a gauge?  A definite part of collecting is paying close attention to all the dollar figures that cross your path right from the time of purchasing the item to the minute you end up parting with it.  Hopefully there's some happiness in the middle making these adventures all worth the while.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Me, Milk Glass & Moments of Excapism

There are no shortage of milk glass cups out there. All kinds of shapes and sizes; cartoons or business names providing a few of us with a great memory of an event that once was.

But I'm partial to the delicate looking type of cups. Ones that seem soo fragile and delicate that you carefully cradle it in the palm of your hand as you take a moment from a busy and hectic life to enjoy a beverage that warms your innermost soul reminding you that all in the world really isn't that bad after all.

My favourite tea is a Chai. The cinnammony flavour easily puts me in a dreamy state even if it is only for a few brief moments. I'm trying to be good and add more green tea as it's suppose to be terrific for the maintenance of good health but like the minty green teas instead of the plain jane ones.
And of course with it being summer (at least for a few more days) there's every excuse and opportunity available to enjoy the fruity teas. The strawberries, cranberries, peaches and more. Fun teas and just as enjoyable as any others.
And yup I did have my tea today in amongst my browsing for milk glass today.
Today was a great day. I picked up my first lamp.
Time to brew up another pot and prepare for more stories to tell.........................

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well my dear hubby as succumbed to my desires to collect milk glass.  He may occasionally grumble when I suggest that we should seek out thrift stores and antique stores but I really don't think he actually minds looking about in these stores.  However the collection is indeed growing by leaps and bounds.  Adding some duplicates and triplicate items to stuff I currently possess as well as beautiful new and welcomed additions.  My intentions are to clean out my china cabinet hutch; moving the china to a different spot within the cabinet and displaying the glass in the upper portion where it can be lit and hopefully drooled over by others when they enter my home. However so far these plans have just not been fulfilled yet.  It has been a very busy summer.  I do realize that it is now almost the middle of August which also means them major holidays that involve major food banquets really is not that far away yet.  So I guess sooner or later I just better get at it.  Find all the places within my home (yes and this DOES include the garage), wash it up and get it out on display.  Luckily one can daydream as to the endless uses of milk glass which should make this job go by rather quickly!  Besides....if I can get this done then the only thing left to do is add to the collection of course!!


If this affliction (ha ha) does indeed apply or define you please stop by and let me know as I will follow you and your blogs and drool over your lovely photographs!


Monday, June 15, 2009

The Compote Dish

This is one of the earlier pieces of milk glass I had in my collection and of course you currently see it posted as part of an eye catching attraction to have you peek at my blog. The compote dish as it is commonly referred to. Perusing through EBay i thought I had seen one with a lid on it but more common or not it looks as it does in the picture. I wasn't sure at first what a compote was. I have heard the word before but it's not a part of my every day vocabulary. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll of course I looked it up and learned what it means. Right now it sits on my living room coffee table and every time i walk past it it says to me won't you please fill me up with something and soon???!!! It won't be compote at the moment but hopefully something really pretty and really soon. Hmmmm wonder if glittered sea shells will look great!! However a compote dish should have a great accompanying recipe to truly suit its purpose. Here's one that I found that is just right for the current season we are in.

Rhubarb-Apple Compote

2 1/2 cups chopped rhubarb

2 apples peeled, cored and chopped

1/3 cup white sugar

1/2 cup water

Simmer all ingredients on low heat until rhubarb is soft.

You can puree in a processor if you like it extra smooth!

Makes approximately 3 cups.


This mixture really adds to hot oatmeal in the morning.