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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Decision Has Been Made

For months, ok more like probably years my husband to put it kindly has been nagging me to pick a decorating theme. I'm not a professional decorator of any kind. I never really gave it much thought. My kids were babies and I didn't want to set things up just to have them accidentally torn down. And let's face it; there are just soo many styles to pick from. Modern/antique/classic/smooth/Oriental/French all that can make a mind swoon with possibilities. And according to my dear sweet hubby it's not a good thing at all to mix a little bit of this or that. It's kind of hard for him to do renovations and get it all to combine or even somewhat match.

I grew up on a farm. Had animals around me all the time. I'm a lover of mountains and nature. My ideal method of wasting time is sitting at one of my favourite rocky retreats and listen to the river trickle by and listen to the branches breaking off in the bush and trying to guess which animal is near by.

So the theme I have picked is rustic. I really do love the Americana rustic. The flag pillows. The old pictures on the walls. The wrought iron pieces. The home made quilted blankets and pillows. I love it all. This is the theme I have chosen. A more natural warm cozy type of feel. I love a room full of things to look at, touch and feel. I love a home that smells good like cinnamon and nutmeg that when you walk in the front door you can take a big whiff in and know you're going to stay for a long time and enjoy the visit.

So I have started my Christmas decorating with this theme in mind. It's not a fast process but hopefully it'll turn out well in the end. This photo is not of my family room in particular but hopefully one day in the future it won't look too different.

So as we approach the holiday season I wish all my readers joy as they set up their lovely inviting homes for this joyous occasion.

PS: Thank goodness milk glass can blend in with this theme quite well!!