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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My First Milk Glass Collection Addition

Standing Up View
Laying down view - better view of detail

This is the very first piece I picked up at a local garage sale which coincidentally was right next door to a shop that contains many many milk glass pieces. Some call it a goblet. Some call it a vase. I just call it lucky number one. When I asked the lady behind the table if it was indeed milk glass she ecstatically told me that it was indeed so. Remember I'm just a beginner collector getting involved with this hobby and I'll explain more in a future post or two. I think the pattern on the cup part of the vase is a scallop and if I'm not correct I hope that someone will indeed send me a note reminding me what it really is. I have carefully washed it as I do to all my pieces that I bring home. I suppose it's all a part of getting to know it a wee bit better! So far it's sitting on my kitchen table. I will indeed find a "home" for it soon. Might be on a coffee table. Might be in my dining room cabinet (all of a sudden I feel a need to re arrange some dishes in there!) but it will definitely find its place.

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