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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it Milk Glass or is it not????


Well when you ask what the heck Milk Glass is there can actually be quite a few answers. There are "traditionalist" collectors out there who say it's opaque glass. But as I start to build my collection milk glass can come in various shades of white not just the skim milk colour it can be. Some people in the shops will label their pieces as being milk glass. Some women behind the counter are quick to assure me that it is and since I'm sooo enthusiastic about this hobby I hope they're not using my vulnerability to just make a quick sale. Since I have started picking up my pieces I have practically been glued to both the National Milk Glass Collectors Society (see link above) and of course to the EBay sites to see what is out there and what it costs. Did I pay too much? Did I pay too little?? Will it be worth more in a couple of years? Obviously when you're first starting something a great deal of study is involved. Milk glass is no exception to that rule.
**photo courtesy of Google Images**

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