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Friday, June 5, 2009

There's Usually A Piece Of Milk Glass Everywhere I Go................

Well to say the least I tend to do a lot of travelling around these days in search for this mesmerizing white glass.  And I can admit that about 75% of the time I have been successful in finding a piece here or there.  Usually at thrift shops and at garage sales.  I've found some wonderful trays recently at a garage sale in the country that is just the right size for holding something wonderful at the next big family get together.  And for the most part it has not been priced too high.  Some of the pieces are small and perhaps people just want to get rid of it or just do not comprehend its potential worth.  Once in awhile you come across someone who just loves to talk and tell either stories about the milk glass or listen to me and my stories about collecting this wonderful glass.  I find that the more I go out there the bigger or greater the treasure.  It's also a great way for me to find duplicates or triplicates of some of the pieces that I already have.  Perhaps one day soon I'll be able to start selling or trading with other fanatics like me.  Sorry to say that this Fenton piece in this particular photograph is not in my collection yet; just a photograph courtesy of Google Images.  But one day it just might become a great piece to display in my home.

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  1. Yes, I recognized that right off as being Fenton! I have a big bowl like that that I got at a yard sale for only 2 or 3 dollars. Good luck in finding one.